Play a videogame prototype with Lightning microtransactions


Help an independent game developer to provide valuable feedback for an early prototype. It's a dystopian point&click adventure game which you can play in your browser with WebGL.

  1. Contact me and you will be provided the first link. Fill out a really short survey without providing personal information.
  2. Contact me again and you will be provided the second link. Play a videogame prototype with lightning microtransactions enabled.

The prototype will provided August 15.

This task can be fulfilled once per user.
1,000 satoshi (~$0.11 USD)
No escrow, peer-to-peer payment requested
Posted 6 days ago by EpiphanyGame · · 2 reviews
EpiphanyGame · 3 days ago

It's been a few days since you've completed the survey about video games and microtransactions.

I'm happy to announce the first prototype of Epiphany, a dystopian point&click adventure game powered by Bitcoin microtransactions on the Lightning Network.

You can play it in your browser (with WebGL support) on your PC: 

For the best game experience, please switch to full screen.

Feedback is always welcome. Thanks for testing!

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Offer work completed & pending confirmation · vamp111 · · 21 reviews · 5 days ago

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