$15 BTC Or PAYPAL For Acct Signup And Verification


Hello, I need a verified acct on this platform named paxful but I hit the acct limit so I need you to create a new acct verify it with your ID and then give me the acct login info. I'll give you $15 bitcoin or paypal for this. way is safe since I won't be able to see your ID, only paxful can see it so no fraud or black hat stuff can happen. If you want the gig, follow the scope of work and message me at [email protected]

site is paxful.com

see this link for instructions: https://imgur.com/a/abKKTU0 

Scope of work:

  1. Create throwaway email

  2. Create Paxful Acct

  3. Verify Paxful act with throwaway email and your ID (I won't see it, only paxful can)

  4. Message me at [email protected] with your BTC address or paypal along with your throwaway email and paxful act login info.

  5. GET PAID $15 BTC or PP for 5 mins work.

If you are from the following countries you can't do this, sorry...


see these links for troubleshooting:



thanks and take care

This is a one-time task.
200,000 satoshi (~$15.36 USD)
Standard escrow
Posted 3 weeks ago by throw_away · · 0 reviews (revisions)
Hersix · 3 weeks ago
I will do this, but i have a question: Does it has to be with a Throwaway email, or my real one is just fine?

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