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sign up with a new account through my referal link:  confirm the e-mail, post a comment under the task with the assosiated user name which you just registered and I will pay you 1000 SATS right away

*very important to confirm the e-mail, as proof!

This task can be fulfilled multiple times.
1,000 satoshi (~$0.10 USD)
No escrow, peer-to-peer payment requested
Posted 5 months ago by vamp111 · · 23 reviews (revisions)
WhyFhy · 5 months ago
Hey, I've gotten over 20 Referrals by putting my ref url in my signature on bitcoin talk and posting around check it out here for the codes 
vamp111 · 5 months ago
I don't have account on btlk im new to Bitcoin, I recently discovered this wonderful site and Im trying to stack some satoshis, maybe looking for faucets as well, I want to have 0.1 Bitcoin some day
WhyFhy · 5 months ago
considering your cheating the system by creating multiple accounts at the same damn time at the same damn ip this referral program will now only be commission based
WhyFhy · 5 months ago
Your also a liar FreeTradeBulgaria 035a2bab9508850 24 ->18,210,010 5 minutes ago
vamp111 · 5 months ago
Hey man, don't get angry, this is the internet, you see an opurtunity, you grab it! I've been shilling your site on Twitter and on the largest Bitcoin forums on the Balkans, and so Im doing my part! This is my node yes, but you mantion the complete cappacity which is devided on local and remote, so these 18MM sats incl. the channels which someone had opened with me, mine are not more than 14MM, anyway... like I said, you find a loophole and you exploit it. Would it had matter if i had registered these accounts under different IP adresses or used Bluewallet to withdraw the funds ?

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