What is Microlancer.io?

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Microlancer.io is a way to pay or get paid doing small tasks, or microtasks, to earn Bitcoin - a digital currency. Bitcoin can be exchanged for US dollars, Euros, and many other national currencies.

Basic usage

I see a task I can do. How do I start?

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To perform a task, make an offer on the listing page. You can negotiate a higher payment (or even lower, if you're willing!) than the one being asked. You'll be notified if it is accepted or declined. If it is accepted, payment is in escrow and you can go ahead and perform the task!

I finished my task. What next?

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Back on the listing page, mark the task as complete. This will notify the asker, and they will verify your work. If it's valid, they will release the payment. You can then withdraw your earnings!

I need something done. How do I post a task?

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Go to the new task page, and submit the task you wish to have done. Be sure to provide a good set of tags to help people find your task. If anyone is subscribed to a tag, they will be notified immediately of your new task.

I'm disagreeing on a task and not getting paid. What should I do?

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If there is any dispute, please contact support (using the chat bubble in the bottom-right corner). We will determine if the work was done and decide how the funds in escrow shall be divided. All decisions made by Microlancer.io are final, per the terms and conditions agreement.

What kinds of tasks can I post here?

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You can post any kind of task, question, or any kind of request on Microlancer.io. The tasks can be very tiny (micro) or large-sized such as contract projects. But, we do encourage breaking up large projects into smaller subtasks to make it easy for multiple people to work on them! It's up to you how you want to use Microlancer.io!

Earnings and payments

What is the Lightning Network?

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The Lightning Network is a secure, real-time system for transferring very small amounts of Bitcoin (micropayments). Normal on-chain Bitcoin transactions can have high fees and long confirmation times. Lightning Network makes it possible to have instant Bitcoin confirmations and extremely low (less than a penny) fees. That makes it perfect for microtasks, and the reason Microlancer.io requires the use of Lightning Network transactions for Bitcoin.

Is there a minimum I need to earn to withdraw?

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No, there is no minimum earnings you need to have to withdraw. You can withdraw as little as 1 satoshi.

Are thre any fees to withdraw?

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No, there are no fees when you withdraw. However, be aware that creating and closing channels to finalize may cost on-chain fees charged by the Bitcoin network.

How do I withdraw my Bitcoin?

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To withdraw your earnings, simply go to the withdrawal page on your account. You will need to provide what is known as a Lightning Invoice which is generated by your wallet software. When you submit the invoice to the system, it will be paid to you and your balance should appear on your wallet.

Which wallet should I use?

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There are many different wallets out there, but Lightning Network is fairly new technology so many of them are still in beta. If you're on Android, we recommend using Eclair or BLW.

Category alerts

What is a favorite?

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You can mark any category as a favorite, by clicking the star icon next to the category name. If any new task is posted that matches one of your favorites, you will immediately be notified. This gives you a better chance of submitting an offer quickly.

How do I remove a favorite?

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To remove a favorite and stop receiving alerts, simply go to the topic name and de-select the star icon.

Multiple fulfillment

What is a repeatable task?

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If a task can be fulfilled multiple times, it can be created as a repeatable task (under more options). This means that the task will remain available to offers even after an offer is accepted.

How do I stop receiving offers on my repeatable task?

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If you have active offers (offers in progress), you cannot close your task but you can hide it. Once it's hidden, you will no longer receive any new offers for your task. Once all in-progress offers are completed, then you can choose to close the task.

What is a repeatable per user task?

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If a task is repeatable per user, that means it can be fulfilled multiple times but only once per unique user in the system. This is useful in situations where you don't want the same user fulfilling your task over and over again.


What is a Boost?

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You can boost your task listings (shown under More task options on the task page to have your listing shown higher on listing pages.

How are boosted listings ordered/sorted?

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The listings are ordered by boost amount first, and for any listings tied by boost amount (including unboosted listings) they are ordered by recent activity. Your boost applies to every category or search result, so even if you are not listed high on the front page, you may be listed high on sub-categories.

How much should I boost?

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You should boost the amount you are comforable with. Note, this amount is not related to the task price, and the boost amount is not earned by the tasker. You can decide how much to boost by comparing the boost amount of other listings.

How do I check the boost amount of other listings?

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You can check the boost amount by hovering over the rocket icon on the listing.


What is the Microlancer.io Affiliate Program?

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You can earn Bitcoin as affiliate by referring users to the site.

How much can I earn?

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(Updated 5/5/19) You will receive 35% of the Microlancer fees collected on any escrow-based task that is completed by your referral. If you referred both the asker and tasker for a given task, you will earn for both referrals (35% from asker referral plus 35% from tasker referral).

How long will I be able to earn from my referrals?

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The affiliate cookie lasts for 90 days. For task completion earnings, you will earn your affiliate commissions for every completed task (as asker or tasker) within 90 days of their signup date.

Will I receive commissions from my referral's referrals (downstream)?

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Sorry, no. We are not doing a MLM-style referral program.

Are there any other limitations?

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By participating in the affiliate program, you agree to the affiliate terms. You will not engage in spam marketing, or fraudulent signups (such as bots, scripts, or otherwise illegitimate users). Your affiliate status may be revoked at any time (banned) for any reason at our discretion. Do not post affiliate links where they are not welcome! Terms of the affiliate program are subject to change at any time.

How do I signup as an affiliate?

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If you have an account on Microlancer, you can start right away. Simply grab your affiliate link from the top of your account page.

I have more questions!

Please contact us using the chat bubble on the bottom right, and we'll be happy to help answer your questions.

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