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Microlancer.io collects fees when using standard escrow. You are welcome to post or complete tasks using the peer-to-peer payment option, which has zero fees. With peer-to-peer, you must negotiate the terms of payment directly with the other party (multisig recommended).

Fee collected from Asker + Fee collected from Tasker = Total service fees
1% 1% 2%


This example describes a typical scenario, and how the fees are collected.

Step 1. Accepted offer amount 30,000 satoshi
Step 2. Escrow invoice calculated 30,000 satoshi + 300 satoshi (1% asker fee)
Step 3. Asker pays 30,300 satoshi
Step 4. Amount in escrow 30,000 satoshi
Step 5. Task completed successfully, invoice calculated 30,000 satoshi - 300 satoshi (1% tasker fee)
Step 6. Tasker receives 29,700 satoshi

*Upon any transaction, Lightning Network fees will also apply.

Fee Types

There are two types of fees: Lightning Network transaction fees, and Microlancer.io service fees.

Lightning Network transaction fees are the cost of sending Bitcoin over the lightning network. This can vary due to the conditions of the network, but are generally extremely small (typically less than 1 cent USD).

Microlancer.io service fees are charged based on a percentage of the accepted offer amount. This fee is collected when an offer is accepted. If the task is not completed, then the escrow amount (minus fees) is returned to the client. In a dispute, the escrow amount (minus fees) may be distributed between 0% and 100% of to the parties involved based on the judgment of the AFB arbitrator.

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